Sunday, October 5, 2008

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The Way That I See It Is...---a blog about anything and everything I want to blog about. Lately, it's a lot about International Super Scammer John. D. Infantino, who is still out there adding to his millions of victims all over the world. In America, he specializes in putting the screws to American Military Veterans. But none of the many in our government and media whom I have made sure know what Infantino does will do anything about him.

Blue Skies Over Dundalk Maryland---is about my hometown. A thoroughly misunderstood place, which is the brunt of massive disrespectful misinformation and self-righteous humor by the Maryland media and a million other ignoramuses. It has wonderful photos and truthful text about the real Dundalk.

David R. Crews' Ramblings and Photos---this site features greet photos and text about areas in Eastern Baltimore City and County that I love. Dundalk is in Eastern Baltimore County, but it needs and deserves to have its own site built and maintained by me.

Northern Maine Adventures Photo Album---this one began as a place to post and share my snowmobile photos from 1969, and tell how fantastic motorized sled riding was up there in those days. Then I realized, if I had been a kid from rural Western Maryland, who got his first rifle at 12-yrs-old and went deer hunting with it, lived and worked on a farm, that kind of guy would be expected to fit in well up in the woodsy country life of  Northern Maine. But I was from the suburbs of Baltimore and hung out downtown with other rebellious - avant garde - Mod Kids, going to Rolling Stones Shows, boppin' up and down crowded sidewalks of streets in popular shopping areas, and on real cool back streets and alleys too. Then I went to Maine - where they was way back years behind Baltimore in all things hip & happening in the groovy '60s, and I fit right in with them Mainer country folk. Maine was lots of hard work, lots learned, plenty of fun, good times with good people. It was quite the "boy comes of age" adventure.

Northern Maine Adventures---this features parts of my whole Maine story that are not in my short stories, which are published on several web sites in Maine. It is a well composed, entertaining look into the life of a kid from suburban Dundalk, Maryland who moved up to Patten, Maine and fit right in with the country folks living there, and became a bear hunting guide and country girl's delight. You can have a real good, interesting time on the Internet while viewing the photos and reading the text and stories on this site. It does, though, deal with emotional abuse that I suffered because of the way that my aunt and uncle in Maine treated me. But the very fact that I have written it all out in such an informative yet entertaining way and have had various parts of the whole story published all over the World Wide Web and read by thousands of people is a great triumph for me.

30th Artillery Brigade Okinawa 1970-71---is about my time as a US Army photographer assigned to peaceful, but wild and crazy, Okinawa, during the Vietnam War. It starts off with a great set of photographs from back then, most were taken the day the Army donated baseball backstops to Okinawan Schools. Then it deals with a very crappy situation that I was forced to endure, which still affects me to this day. I was illegally assigned as brigade photographer for the 30th Arty Bgde, and the photo lab I worked in was totally, completely, militarily illegal and immoral. This was devastating to me. I have been struggling to prove all this for over three decades, and now I am in a running battle to prove the full facts of my story. This is about fighting for what is right. The fighting is getting way more intense and about to get very interesting. I am battling to have the record set straight.

An American GI On Okinawa 1970-71---this also deals with the crappy situation I suffered through on Okinawa, but it goes into the wild and crazy kinds of times that many of us lower ranking GIs shared over there back then. It also tells of the great friendships we formed amongst ourselves, our music listening pleasures, the way we lived in our barracks, the bar and red light districts, plus true stories about our asinine leaders and our good leaders too. And how we got along with the residents of a foreign land. Fortunately, I have a natural need to write about the good times as well as the bad, this will help you to understand all that my time on Okinawa means to me.

Duckin' and Divin' Techniques of a Recycle Ranger---a blog about gathering up previously owned, currently unwanted items that are still good. I tell you about some of my best and worst finds, how to be safe and sanitary while dumpster diving, and how make the best uses of what you yourself may find discarded in a dumpster, at the curbside or in the alley on trash collection day, or anywhere it may have been discarded. America is very wasteful; take advantage of that sad fact. And enjoy reading the fun stories about Duckin' and Divin' that are on my blog.

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